Hispanic Information/Resources

Jw.org, Website Translated in Over 700 Languages

Jehovah’s Witnesses are known for their door-to-door proselytizing; but recently, they have become to be known for their translation work related to the Bible. Their monthly magazines have the most distribution in the world, and are available in hundreds of languages. Also, in 2014, a website for the organization debuted: www.jw.org. The website currently is […]

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Mental Health Interpreting: Unique Challenges and Practical Solutions

MENTAL HEALTH INTERPRETING: UNIQUE CHALLENGES AND PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS Arianna M. Aguilar Latino Outreach Consulting of NC, Inc. Abstract: Mental Health Interpreting is an important subset of study, since the issues encountered intersect with both medical and legal interpreting theory, practice and Code of Ethics. It involves complex and intimate interpersonal communication with individuals who may […]

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Hispanic Facts and Figures Sheet

National, State and Local Level for Johnston County, North Carolina United States Hispanics are the fastest growing US minority group in the country, growing 58% between 1980-2000, from 22.4 million to 35.3 million. (U.S. Census Bureau 2000 Report.) Hispanics are the largest minority in the country, at 12.5% of the total US population. (U.S. Census […]

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